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The human body is amazing.  You take care of it and it takes care of you.  It is a two way agreement! 

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Numerous systems and sub-systems support and control the body’s functions to keep it running efficiently.  The brain controls the thought process and other functions through the central nervous system. The circulation system nurtures the body with nutrients from the digestive system. A skin system covers the body to shield it and contain the muscular system.  And our immune system protects us from germs and infections. 

All in all, these and other systems keep our bodies running for life.   

So, we have taken a system type approach to presenting what nutrients are important to maintaining our bodies and supporting the systems in doing their jobs.  The website is divided into systems to inform the visitor of their importance and what nutrients are most important in helping the bodies’ well-being and health.

General Health Cardiovascular Heart Digestive/Colon System
Endocrine System Exocrine Glands Immune Lymphatic System
Musculo Skeletal System Nervous/Brain System Respiratory/Lung System
Skeletal/Bone System Urinary System Vision/Eye System

Our goal at Health Bloom USA is to inform visitors how fragile their health can be if they don’t take care of their bodies. 

  “You are what you eat” speaks loudly when caring for your body!

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