Endocrine System

Endocrine System Health Concerns:  Acromegaly, adrenal insufficiency,  Cushing’s disease, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, polycystic ovary syndrome, fatty liver disease, pancreatitis, diabetes, goiter


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The endocrine system is the regulator of the body’s systems.

The endocrine system is responsible for regulating hormones being secreted by several glands and disbursed throughout the bloodstream to various organs in the body. These glands support stimulating the body to produce hormones and enzymes to help regulate numerous functions.

The pancreas produces the insulin that helps control blood sugar levels. The thyroid produces hormones associated with calorie burning and heart rate; thus, controlling your metabolism. The adrenal glands produce hormones that control sex drive and cortisol, the stress hormone. The hypothalamus connects with the nervous system to regulate the pituitary gland; the system’s master gland which controls all the glands.  The pineal gland produces melatonin to help your body go to sleep.  The parathyroid glands (4) regulate bone health nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus.  The ovaries in females and the testicles in males keep the world going around.  And the thymus gland helps build a child’s immune system then shrinks after puberty.

A lot of glands need the best of nutrition to function and direct many processes.  These glands can cause so many things to happen in your body such as weight gain and loss, fatigue, muscle aches, constipation, goiter, dry skin, sensitivity to cold, irregular heartbeat, irritability, and many more ailments that can drag you down – a lot can go wrong from these important glands.


Important Nutrients: B5, B6, Vitamin D and E, manganese, zinc, iodine, calcium,

Food Sources – high-protein meats, fish, eggs, and nuts such as walnuts, and almonds; leafy green vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, fruits, spinach, kale, asparagus, green tea, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, turkey, sweet potatoes

Herb Sources – milk thistle, spearmint, Siberian ginseng, maca, ashwagandha

Avoid – sugar and refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, fried foods, butter, mayonnaise, pastries


Popular Supplements for Endocrine Gland Health:

Milk Thistle – Revitalizes the liver to support the processing of fatty bile.
Synergy, Milk Thistle Extract, 600mg, 200 capsules 2/day

Chromium – regulates blood sugar by restraining the level in the blood stream.
Solgar, Chromium Picolinate, 500mcg, 60, 1/day

Iodine – iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid gland to regulate growth and prevent birth defects.
Life Extension, Sea-Iodine, 1,000mcg, 60 capsules, 1/day
KAL, Kelp, 225mg, 500 tablets, 1/day

Estrogen – estrogens are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development.
Life Extension, Natural Estrogen, 30 tablets, 1/day

Multi-vitamins – Broad spectrum multi-vitamin w/ vitamins, minerals, fruit, garden, enzymes, and mushroom defense blend.
Nature’s Way, Alive! Once Daily, Ultra Potency, Men’s, 60 tablets, 1/day
Nature’s Way, Alive! Once Daily, Ultra Potency, Women’s, 60 tablets, 1/day

Nature’s Way, Alive! Max3 Daily, Max Potency, 180 Tablets, 3/day, Top of the line!

Nature’s Way, Alive! Once Daily, Ultra Potency, Men’s 50+, 60 Tablets, 1/day
Nature’s Way, Alive! Once Daily, Ultra Potency, Women’s 50+, 60 Tablets, 1/day

Nature’s Way, Alive, Ultra Shake, Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, Fruit and Vegetable blend.

B Vitamin Complex – Supports numerous glands in their development and function.
Vitacost B-50 Complex, an array of B vitamins in excess of 50mg, 100 tablets, 1/day.

Enzyme Complex – Breaks down proteins to support the immune system.
Enzymedica, Enzyme Defense, Extra Strength, 90 capsules, 1/day

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Cautions – Dosages should be taken as instructed on the bottle label(s).  Excessive consumption can result in complications. If you are pregnant or lactating, please read the warning labels on the products and consult with your physician before consuming.

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